klin do łóżeczka czyli poduszka klin LUX ALOE VERA

Luxe Aloe Vera Cot Wedge Pillow – 38×60

The product’s aim is to make it easy to breath and provide safety during rest. Its special shape makes the baby’s head be placed in a right position and it protects against choking on food. Durable and soft in touch case is made from Aloe Vera fabric and it has anti-allergic and antibacterial qualities. The use of zip fastener makes it easy to remove and maintain the case. The insert is made of resistant and flexible foam of T25 density, which has goffering on the whole surface which provides suitable circulation of air and does not allow excessive sweating of head and neck. High density of the foam used guarantees the lack of permanent deformation, even under enduring pressure.

LUXE ALOE VERA Pillows/Wedges are produced in Poland and they are made from durable and safe materials.
Age range



1 pc.


The most important features:

  • available in two sizes, intended for standard and touristic cots or prams
  • wedge shape of the pillow makes it easier to breathe
  • nice in touch, detachable case
  • anti-allergic and antibacterial qualities of Aloe Vera fabric
  • goffering on the whole surface of the foam prevents from excessive sweating
  • foam of T25 density guarantees the lack of permanent deformation
  • high quality of materials
  • easy to keep clean
  • made in Poland