Corrective Pillow – Flowers

Ergonomic pillow supporting the correct shaping of the child’s head. Thanks to the special shaping and the non-deformable filling sponge, it reduces the point pressure of the child’s head on the ground. It helps your baby’s head take on a natural, round shape. Made of pleasant-to-touch colorful fabric.
Age range

0-6 months

22×22 cm

Sheeting: 92% cotton, 8% elastin

1 pc.

Polish product

The most important features:

  • It helps child’s head to acquire the right shape
  • for children of up to six months
  • non-deforming filling sponge made of polyurethane foam
  • standard size: 22×22 cm
  • fits all cots, rockers, carriers
  • it is nice in touch : – 92% cotton, 8% elastin
  • trimming in two colors: turquoise and purple
  • made in Poland