Supreme Seasons Child Mattress

Supreme Seasons (120x60x13 cm) is perfect for every season of the year. Its red side warms, and the blue one cools the baby’s skin. This is due to a removable cover made from patented fabrics of thermo regulatory properties. It consists of: perfectly elastic HR (9cm) foam and two layers of coconut mat (2×1 cm) wrapped with fluffy non-woven fabric. Removable cover is made from two types of fabrics, suitable for different seasons:

ThermoLITE (with red trimming) –  special fiber with round holes in the structure which improve heating properties. Greater fiber surface facilitates the evaporation of moisture and its faster removal from skin and fabric.

CoolMAX (with blue trimming) – characterizes with high air permeability and fast drying ability which enables to keep the feeling of pleasant coolness.  The fabric is made from four-tubule, hollow polyester fiber.

HR High Resilience Foam is the heart of the mattress. In contrast to standard polyurethane foam, it has differentiated cell structure. It has a beneficial effect on: resilience, elasticity and rebound of the mattress.  It also improves its load resistance. It simply means, that the mattress is more comfortable and durable. Thanks to unique arrangement of cuts, the foam gains additional plasticity to adapt to a body shape even better. Corrugated foam also improves air circulation which facilitates better excess moisture removal.
Age range


120 x 60 x 13 cm

Cover: 40% thermolite, 60% polyester Filling: HR High Resilience Foam, natural coconut fiber mat, fluffy non-woven fabric.

Only wash the cover Wash at the temperature of max. 40⁰ C

1 pc.

Polish product

Most important characteristics:

  • 3-layered child mattress of 120 x 60 cm dimensions
  • The filling of the mattress consists of corrugated HR High Resilience Foam (9 cm), a coconut mat (2×1 cm) wrapped with fluffy non-woven fabric
  • Fits most traditional and travel cots
  • Removable summer/winter cover of thermo regulatory properties
  • Thickness of 13 cm provides comfortable and restful sleep
  • HR High Resilience Foam is resistant to deformation
  • The corrugation of HR foam improves air circulation and provides better adaptation to body shape
  • Coconut mat provides proper microclimate at baby’s skin
  • each component of the mattress meets the rules of CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • product with a 3-year door-to-door guarantee
  • Hardness degree: H3-H3 (hard)
  • Produced in Poland