140 x 70 Buckwheat-Foam-Coconut Mattress

Ca. 11 cm thick, buckwheat-foam-coconut mattress provides comfort and restful sleep of a baby.  Its unique pocket buckwheat filling contains components inhibiting the development of micro flora and mites. It does not spring, provides  proper backrest and adapts to baby’s position during sleep. It does not stop air circulation. The layer of natural coconut fibers stiffens the construction of the mattress. It is airy and does not retain moisture. 2 layers of fluffy non-woven fabric provide additional softness and durability. The cover, made from durable and soft material, may be removed and washed easily when necessary. Buckwheat-Foam-Coconut Mattress is produced in Poland.
Age range


140 x 70 x 11 cm

Cover: 100% polyester Filling: buckwheat husks, polyurethane foam, coconut mat, fluffy non-woven fabric.

Only wash the cover Wash at the temperature of max. 40⁰ C

1 pc.

Polish product

Most important characteristics:

  • 3-layered child mattress, available in two sizes,  140 x 70 cm
  • The filling of the mattress consists of pocket filling with buckwheat husks (0,5-1 cm), a layer of a coconut mat (1 cm), wrapped with fluffy non-woven fabric, separated with polyurethane foam ( 7 cm)
  • Fits most traditional and travel cots
  • Thickness of 11 cm provides comfortable and restful sleep
  • Buckwheat has anti-allergic properties, it inhibits the development of micro flora and mites
  • Ecological filling of the mattress does not absorb dust and provides proper microclimate at baby’s skin
  • Mattress cover may be removed and washed
  • Hardness degree: H3-H3 (hard)
  • each component of the mattress meets the rules of CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • made in Poland