Hot-water Bottle With Cherry Stones – Flowers

A hot-water bottle filled with cherry stones is used to chill or warm up sore body parts. Using stones does not involve risk of burns, chilblains, intoxication with filling substance or skin allergies.  It is a fully safe product. It was made of materials of the highest quality – 100% cotton and cherry stones from Polish crops. The materials are under strict selection.
Age range


Diameter – 15cm ±2cm

Outer layer: 100% cotton Filling: cherry stones

Do not wash

1 pc.

Polish product

We use the hot-water bottle cold in case of:

  • sprains and bruises
  • bumps
  • sharp headaches
  • migraines
  • stings of bugs
  • light burn marks

We use the hot-water bottle hot in case of:

  • backaches
  • muscles and joints pains
  • breast-warming of nursing mothers
  • stomach aches, cramps
  • metralgia, menstrual pains
  • improves blood circulation and has relaxing effect

The use as warm:

  • heat in a microwave of 300-600W max. 1 min.
  • in oven to 120°C around 4 min.
  • on the radiator until the hot-water bottle is sufficiently heated and warm

The use as cold:

  • if you want to have a cold compress place the hot-water bottle in the freezer for about 30-60 minutes (in a clean and dry plastic bag)