Velvet Baby Nest Cone Wrap – Marocco Beige

A reversible velvet  baby nest cone wrap is made for newborn babies and infants. It is velcro-fastened so it helps to hold the baby comfortably during feeding and lulling to sleep. After spreading, it can be used as a duvet to cots or pushchairs. It can also be used as a baby play mat. It was made of 100% cotton and soft delicately quilted velvet fabric. The filling of the baby nest cone wrap consists of fluffy silicone lyocell. The high quality of this product is accented by a tasteful inset.
Age range


75×75cm (+/- 2cm)

Outer layer: 100% cotton/100% polyester (velvet fabric) Filling: 100% polyester (silicone lyocell)

Hand wash at the temperature of max. 30⁰ C, Do not bleach, Do not dry-clean, You can iron only the cotton side at temperature of max. 110⁰ C

1 pc.

Polish product