Padding/Changing mat – green

Padding filled with high-fluffy non-woven fabric is perfect for use on chest of drawers and other furniture for nappy changing. The materials of the highest quality,  ensuring maximum safety and comfort, were used for its production. Oilcloth, which the changing pad is covered with, does not contain phthalates, heavy metals or other harmful substances threatening the health of a baby. The outer fabric is waterproof and may be cleaned with water and gentle cleaning agents.
Age range


52×72 cm

Outer layer: bed pad (PVC)
Filling: high-fluffy non-woven fabric

The surface is easy to keep clean, just wipe with a damp cloth.

1 pc.

Polish product

Most important characteristics:

  • padding intended to be put on a chest of drawers or other rigid surfaces
  • shaped, filled with high-fluffy non-woven fabric
  • light and easy to store
  • easy to keep clean
  • phthalates free
  • made in Poland
  • meets EN 12221-1, EN 12221-2 standards